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A new brand targeting the luxury tea sector and the market’s shift in focus to more unique, rare blends. Inspired by the invention of the tea bag in 1908 and subsequent ‘Decade of the Teabag’ during the 1920s, these tin packaging designs aim to present a ‘rare’ product, homing in on luxury consumers’ penchant for discovery and premium quality. Using the anti-traditional visual language of the Art-Deco period, the packaging takes

a unique, geometric form with clean lines and an opulent aesthetic.

Reminiscent of Art-Deco architecture, the tins are based on an irregular octagon shape with stepped edges on the shorter sides. While an unusual packaging format, the flat top, bottom, and wider sides of the irregular octagon ensure the tins are still suitable for

stacking, packing for distribution and storage, which is of great importance to consumers.

All 3 tins within the set use a consistent matt black and metallic gold colour scheme, typical of the lavish Art-Deco movement and its use of expensive materials. While consistent in colour, each tea blend is differentiated by its own geometric, line-formed pattern, blind embossed on the tins. This consistency of visual language ensures the marriageability of the products as a set of three luxury tins.

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