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House of Theobald

House of Theobald, a new brand of ‘fine quality paint for period homes,’ presents a new approach to the interior decoration process which aims to inform and supply knowledge to consumers regarding period architecture while providing functional colour swatches that aid the selection process.


The Decorator’s Manual has been designed to advise consumers on how to maximise the potential of their interior spaces within period homes. It sheds light on all that one should consider when planning to decorate an interior space, including architecture, colour schemes, sampling, period features, and how to achieve the best finish.

The House of Theobald colour swatches, featuring 80 period-inspired colours, are shown on paint-brush shape and sized swatches, in celebration of the tool as an enduring and essential part of the interior decoration process.


The identity and printed collateral reinforce the period specialism of the brand while offering the market a more considered and practical strategy to interior decoration through a cohesive visual language.

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