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Greenall's Street Party

Street parties are a great part of British culture and provide opportunity for communities to come together to celebrate national occasions. The Greenall’s Street Party pack brings together a new range of products with the brand at their very heart. From the Original London Dry Gin itself, to the personalised bunting and recipe cards, this campaign embodies and signifies what it means to be unapologetically British. 


Each item is instilled with the heritage of the Brand, as well as the British customs it has seen and been a part of creating since 1971. With this campaign, Greenall’s invites the Great British public to share in their celebration of British heritage, pride and their 100% ownable Original London Dry Gin by throwing their own Greenall’s Street Party.

This provides millennials with a new means of celebration through contemporary, vibrant and bold designs that also capture the essence of the Greenall’s brand and its ambitions for the future, which are to be at the heart of good times and social, responsible 

drinking occasions. 

This project received a commendation in the 2016/17 YCN Student Awards. Illustration by Alice Garrard.


in the YCN

Student Awards


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