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The Dan-Air Diaries

The Dan-Air Diaries: Secrets from behind the Galley Curtain’ documents the memories and experiences of former airline stewardess Julia Burton, who worked for the airline from 1984—1992, giving insight into the lives of the airline’s very own ‘trolley dollies’ and it’s operations. From flight-pay to partying, the book is an honest and sincere retro-spective view of life working for what was once Britain’s largest independent airline. These ‘secrets from behind the galley curtain’ are far removed from the job role as it is today. 

The visual language of the book, from the colour scheme, cover design, and use of typeface Clarendon -  is directly informed by the identity and printed collateral of Dan-Air, 

such as staff newsletter ‘Flightline’ and in-flight magazine ‘In Flight,’ as well as the context of the airline as a UK founded and based operation. The book uses this visual language to present a diary-style aesthetic through dated/titled ‘entries’ and the feature of candid personal photos.


Even the smallest details of the publication, such as the dividing double-line on the cover and small plane glyph featured between the book name an page numbers in the running footer, have been implemented considering the brand identity and all that was Dan-Air. 

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