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British Biscuit Luxe

A collection of luxury greeting and stationary materials inspired by the nation’s love of biscuits. 


The British biscuit provides a relevant set of visual motifs that both reinforce and establish the notion of quintessential British custom and their unwavering social presence. The collection includes greeting cards, notecards, gift wrap, a note book and gift bag all featuring cohesive motifs of Britain’s tea-time favourites, including Custard Creams, Chocolate Bourbons, Rich Tea, Jammy Dodgers, Party Rings, Pink Wafers and Nice biscuits.

These humble biscuits are transformed through multi-layer foiling in gold and rose-gold, with the addition of light pink and red where necessary, while embossing and debossing of collection pieces further enhances the luxe finish.

G. F Smith Colorplan Candy Pink and Sorbet Yellow feature across the collection pieces to achieve a cohesive and unified aesthetic that helps to balance the luxe intentions of the products with a bright, playful element of colour.


Bespoke tear-around envelopes, reminiscent of biscuit packaging, create enhanced product engagement and theatricality which taps into the luxury market’s increasing penchant for new experiences.

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