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Bond Street Brand Directory

The Bond Street Brand Directory is a luxury publication in celebration of London’s acclaimed haven for gracious living, revered throughout the world for its wealth of elegant stores, exclusive brands, designer fashion, luxury goods, fine jewels, art and antiques.

Featuring the likes of Burberry, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Mulberry & Tiffany, the directory provides high impact photographic content, alongside location and contact information for the stores which line one of London’s most exclusive streets.

The book’s full spread measures at a vast 840mm, inspired by the around 0.5 mile street, and features 30 store addresses, telephone numbers and opening hours.

At the back of the directory are 30 individual cards, featured across two perforated pages, that can be torn out of the book for increased functionality and portability of store information. Each of these cards feature the store identity on the front, foiled in gold, with store information detailed on the back.


Produced and bound by hand using a stab stitch method, the publication cover uses Leather embossed G. F Smith Colorplan in Ebony with gold foil detailing.

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